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Some quick info:
  • All figures are shipped no more than 5 business days (mon-fri) after your order is placed.
  • I no longer keep a lot of figures in stock so I will need time to cast them.
  • Your order maybe shipped sooner than 5 business days, but my guaranteed shipping is 5 business days days except on PREORDER items.
  • These Figures are small and should be kept away from children.

  • Q:) Why do some of your figures only fit the Bachmann #455 RGS version??

  • A:> Although it is a fine model, I do not currently own any of the Bachmann K-27 and Bachmann has never sent me specs on cab sizes and clearances. A customer reported to me that his figures fit perfectly in that particular K-27 and until I hear differently, I`m going to assume that`s all it fits.

  • Q:) Can I recommend a subject to sculpt? ?

  • A:> Sure, I usually follow the topic Figures and Accessories on My large Scale Forum Page, the SE forum and Large Scale Central.

    If you put a topic asking about a specific subject I will see it. The criterea is;

    • The subject must have images and a bio available somewhere on the internet so I can review it.
    • The subject must some how be associated with the railroad.
    • The subject cannot be a copyrighted personalaity (unless you own the copyright and provide a license to me free of charge)
    • The subject must be one that interests me. (I focus mainly on Hawaiian Railroads, Southern Pacific and Tennesse because I have spent a great deal of time in these places. If the subject is interesting enough, then I will consider them.
    You can also use my contact page to ask.

  • Q:) Why don`t you sell your figures on eBay??

  • A:> I use to, but the last figure I try to sell on ebay was taken off the page by ebay because I said `the opening price is the reserve price`. They told me I wasn`t suppose to reveal the reserve price. I explaned that there was no reserve price. They said I still couldn`t say that. I stopped selling stuff on ebay.

  • Q:) Do you ever plan on doing shows??

  • A:> I`m a one man operated business at this time. I can`t afford to take the time off to do a show or afford the expense.

    My wife is retiring next year, and we are discussing the possibility of her doing shows. She`s more of a people person than I am :D

  • Q:) Can I reproduce your figures and sell them myself??

  • A:> No! I would have to get my lawyer after you and I can`t afford that.

  • Q:) What do you use to sculpt your figures??

  • A:> As far as tools go, I use exacto knifes dental picks, small drills and drill bits, saws etc.

    For materials I use combinations of sculpty, paper, clay, wire and resin.

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    I GENERALLY include questions that have been asked by 4 different people 4 different times.
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