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Some quick info:
  • All figures are shipped no more than 5 business days (mon-fri) after your order is placed.
  • I no longer keep a lot of figures in stock so I will need time to cast them.
  • Your order maybe shipped sooner than 5 business days, but my guaranteed shipping is 5 business days days except on PREORDER items.
  • These Figures are small and should be kept away from children.

  • Q:) What figures are you planing next??

  • A:> Sometimes I will just do a figure in a moment of inspiration with no planning or scheduling, but for the most part this page is updated with information regarding future releases.

  • Q:) Do you do commission work??

  • A:> Yes, please check this page for details.

  • Q:) Is shiping included? ?

  • A:>
    • Shipping rates vary from state to state, country to country.
    • Shipping is free for U.S.A orders over $350
    • Shipping is free for Oversea orders over $450.

  • Q:) How do I order??

  • A:>
    1. Go to the catalogue page by clicking on the navigational link to your left.
    2. Select the scale or product type you are interested in ordering.
    3. Each item will have a square input field below the description. This must contain the quantity you wish to order of that specific item.
    4. once you have entered the quantity you need to press on the add button; a pop up window will appear with that product listed in your cart. You can change the value, lower or higher in this pop up. If you change that value make sure you update the cart.
    5. If you are interested in more than one figure just select another figure on the page by entering its quantity and clicking on add. You can navigate to different selections offered on this site through the catalogue page and keep adding to the cart. You do not need to close the cart page or keep it open. Your items and charges will be added up automatically.
    6. Once you have completed your shopping you can select check out from the menu, or if your cart is still open, you can select checkout from the cart.
    7. The invoice page will provide you with 2 options for checking out. The first option is paypal. You do not need a paypal account to use paypal, just a credit card. I you don`t want to use paypal or a credit card, you can select `Print Invoice and Mail` at the bottom of the invoice page. This option is only for U.S. citizens with purchases being shipped within the U.S.
    8. If you choose the paypal option, then follow the directions on paypal. Make sure that you press calculate next to your zip code so that your shipping charges can be added and your order won`t be delayed.
    9. If you choose to mail the invoice with a check please note that; you will need to purchase a postal money order to pay the balance. I do not accept personal checks, cashiers checks or money orders other than from the U.S. Postal service.Make sure you fill out the form on the invoice page completely and correctly. This can delay your order and if your contact information is incorrect, it will prevent me from refunding your money or contacting you to get the proper information.

  • Q:) What figures do you have available??

  • A:> Its best to check the catalogue. Recently I`ve started adding a modest collection of new scales. I plan to add other scales soon.

  • Q:) What paint schemes do you provide??

  • A:> I offer some custom painted pieces only. They will appear on the Exclusives page of the site. You can navigate there from the catalogue link to your left.

  • More FAQ >> 1 > 2 > 3 > 4
    I GENERALLY include questions that have been asked by 4 different people 4 different times.
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