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Nanea means a pleasant past time or an absorbing interest in the Hawaiian language. That is exactly what coach 64 is to me. Not only is it the private coach of B.F. Dillingham the President and founder of the now extinct OR&L railroad, but it is the coach where my grandfather was born.

I grew up hearing that story repeated to me by my grandmother over and over again with so much conviction I had to assume she was making it up. It turns out, she was not. Not only did my Great Grandmothers know B.F. personally they knew him professionally as well since my Great Grandmother's father Honorable S.W. Mahelona was the mayor of Waianae and also a deed holder for Moanalua where right of way was needed to build Dillinghams railroad.

This topic contains all the known data we have on coach 64. That doesn't mean there isn't more out there It just means this is all we have. We will continue to up date this as much as possible. I've also posted updates on my 1:20.32 scale scratch build of the coach as well as my 7/8ths scale build.