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Test Post - Progress on my On3 Oahu Railway layout-
Jim Chiddix Date: Sun, 05 Mar 2017 13:31:18

Richard - Curious to see if this posts to the group.  I used “Oahu” in the subject line.

I’m most impressed by the modeling work that you, Neil Erickson, Michael York and Nick Kalis have done and the creative use of 3-D printing by all of you.  (I’ve cc’d Nick Kalis and Michael York on this e-mail; they should be added to the list if not already there.)

My time has been focused on my layout, which I regard as a canvas for future model-building as well as operations.  The main emphasis so far has been on benchwork, trackwork, DCC control, LED lighting, photo backdrops and Arduino-controlled turntable and staging yard transfer table projects.

A couple of photos are attached.  The layout will be on the self-guided tour at the National Narrow Gauge Convention in Denver at the end of August.  It will certainly not be finished, but I hope to get a lot more done between now and then.