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Richard Kapuaala Date: Sat, 11 Mar 2017 10:56:47

I received plenty of photos from Uncle Jeff and took many of my own as I planed out my many modeling projects based on this engine.
But this is how Kauila looks today and it was never my intention to model her in her current condition or any time prior to 1914.
Inline image 1
smallPhoto by Jeff Livingston/small
When she was retired in 1933 she did not have the little cow catcher on the front at least not in a photo I have of her dated 1937. Unfortunately the photo is not one of mine to share. According to Uncle Bob and Uncle Jeff she was given a new boiler and converted to oil some time after 1904.
Inline image 2
This image was taken around 1907 and is a scan from the book Next Stop Honolulu. At this time Kauila still had a 24" boiler but her Hunter Radley stack was updated to this new fluted stack and a trailing wheel was added along with a rear step board. According to the invoice she had no steps when she arrived in Hawaii. I took artistic liberties and decided that regardless I would have steps because I think they look better.
Inline image 3
My first attempt I tried to convert an Accucraft Ruby to a 1:20.32 scale version. While she ran well, I was not happy with the details I had to sacrifice in order to keep her running so I decided to move up to 7/8ths scale.
Inline image 4
She ran okay, but the gauge of the track is all wrong to my eye and a lot of the details look comical so I abandoned that project too. I decided to just run her as a fantasy OR&L engine till she finally went down for repairs on some leaky valves last year.
Inline image 6
Resigned to the fact that I can't have a 1:20.32 scale Live Steam Kauila or a 7/8ths scale live steamer running on G scale track I revisited this project in 3D. Using a cheap 3D modeler from DAZ.com called Hexagon I created this dummy engine. I was shooting for the look and feel she might have had when she was uncrated and brought to life for her inaugural run on Dillingham's birthday. It is about 98% 3D printed. Even the drivers are 3D prints.  I plan on using the Ruby for a Dummy steam coach pictured on page 288 of NSH and let it push Kauila around the track. What can I say, I like running live steam 😀
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