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Kauila Specs and Resources-
Richard Kapuaala Date: Thu, 9 Mar 2017 14:19:41

This information was posted the list prior to the completion of the website. It was one of the pieces of content I felt deserved to be preserved since it not only provides some really good information on the engine but it also provides information on where to get additional information on this engine and others that ran on OR&L lines through out their existence.
The 3 attached files are files that I obtained form Southern Methodist University's DeGolyer Library collection.  Michael York provide me with that information which I forgot. I'm fairly sure that at least one of these documents was provided to me by Uncle Bob or Uncle Jeff.
The first doc scan is a page out of ledger dating from June of 1889 - 1901. Kauila was Purchased by George A Rowell of N.Y. She began her life as a class 4 - 10 1/2 -C.
Someone once explained to me exactly what all those numbers and letters mean but the only one I remember for certain is the 4, which stand for the number of drivers. Here is a pretty cool (though poor resolution) diagram that gives you an idea of the number of 0 4 0 class C engine types Baldwin manufactured.
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