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Coach 64 Progress Dec 21-
Richard Kapuaala Date: Thu, 21 Dec 2017 13:18:33

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The bad thing about having so many projects going at the same time in a small place is that you lose track of your supplies, your parts and you misplace tools. I didn't realize the 4 pieces of 3/64" brass rod were too short to use as the torsion rods on the trucks. So, I had to order more and now I'm waiting for that, I misplaced the wooden spreaders I made a month ago when I thought I was going to make the main frame out of wood, in fact I don't know where that frame even is now. Hopefully I didn't throw it out with other scraps of wood.
I even misplaced my 00-80 tap and die. All my other taps and dies are in their right places, but those are missing so I have to order replacements. I'm sure that after they arrive or even before, I'll find them but, I can't count on it.
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So, with my efforts stalled I turned to printing other parts of the coach. I've made enough end beams out of wood to render that task not really interesting anymore. Besides, I made a perfect model and all I had to do was to convert it to a model that could be printed.
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It took 5.5 hours to print both beams out at the same time. I pre-drilled the holes in modeling application, but forgot to include holes for the brake bar and the brake. That shouldn't be too hard to drill by hand with all the others finished.
I continue to work on the roof parts as well as the windows. I plan on making a simple deck for the model. I had originally planned on framing it in because the last time I went to the train museum in Waipahu I took some great photos of the work on the substructure framing for coach 57. I was going to use them for reference. But, I'm too eager to get a finished coach, and will just put that project on the back burner.

Richard Kapuaala