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Coach 64 1:20.32 scratch build-
Richard Kapuaala Date: Thu, 9 Mar 2017 21:25:23

At first I had great ambitions for this scratch build. Uncle Jeff and both sent me some very good line drawings for coach 64 that I was able to scale up to 1:20.32 and I decided I was going to build a complete interior as well as exterior model and not omit a single detail.
Then reality set in.
Inline image 1
I printed out two copies of the plans in 1:20.32 and started measuring
them and planing out my build. But some things didn't quite work out in real lift the way they did on paper. First problem was the torsion nut (red arrows pointing to it, but I'm not sure what it is actually called). At this point, I had never seen coach  64 in person, but only from generous photos sent to me by various people who knew about the project. I couldn't figure out where it went to and how, but I decided to put it in anyway. So I literally started at the end.
Inline image 2
I used to be a professional cabinet maker and still have a huge stash of various woods too small for a complete full scale project of any kind. I bought the siding from Ozark Mountain Models.
Inline image 3
Then I moved on to the side windows. They're a combo of maple and mahogany scraps.
Inline image 4
The platform frame design was based on some plans someone drew up for Jackson Sharp coaches. Having seen the actually seen the real thing now, I wish I had just did it in plywood instead of mortise and tenon and lap joints. But it works and no one will know about the inaccuracies but me.
Inline image 5
I built masters for castings of the trucks from scrap wood, styrene, copper wire and safety pins for rivets. I'm planing on building new masters from my 3D prints and changing them out, but they'll do for now.
I failed to mention that steps are also 3D prints. Inline image 6
I already scratch built a coach and made 2 pairs of steps for it. I figured once you did 4 the romance is over and you either build a master and cast it or you buy prints. I made these steps in Hexagon (available at and had them printed at Shapeways in White Strong Flexible material.
But I'm getting ahead of my self here.
Richard Kapuaala