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Richard Kapuaala

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Coach 64 Begins-
Richard Kapuaala Date: Thu, 9 Mar 2017 15:01:16

One of my most favorite pieces of OR&L equipment is coach 64. It is Dillingham's private coach. It is at the top of my short list of coaches I want to scratch build.
Coach 64
Kalakau's Coach
So far I've build this 1:20.32 scale model
Inline image 1
And I have almost finished this full size 3D model.
Inline image 2
In fact I have printed some of the parts for the 1:20.32 scale model using the parts I made for the 3D model.
They are:
  1. The front and rear windows
  2. The railing and railing brackets
  3. The doors
  4. And the pockets for the bumpers (those black thingies on the beam just above the couplers.
  5. The king posts
The trucks above were trucks I made by handed and then I made molds from the first set and cast the rest. They're okay and I can live with them, but I'm already starting to print out 3D parts to make molds from and (I think) more accurate trucks.
Inline image 3
I began the 1:20.32 scale model a few years ago before 3D printing was available and was stumped by the railings. My attempts to solder them failed miserably and I had even less luck with styrene. The painted and lettered body sat in a box till Shapeways came along I realized I could build a 3D model for parts and finish the project off.

Richard Kapuaala